Hi! I'm Lesley.

I live in the great state of Oklahoma where I share my life with my best friend/high school sweetheart/love of my life/husband and our two girls.


God has blessed me with an incredible life and awesome family and we try to live life to the fullest and, to quote one of my favorite country songs, "share are the love and laughter that a lifetime will allow."


I get the privilege of staying home to raise our kiddos but before I became a stay/work-at-home mom, I made a living as a graphic designer. I still love to design so I opened a little Etsy shop, check it out!


My husband and I bought a little piece of land, you can read more of the story here, and our dream is to build a home and be as self-sustaining as possible. It may sound crazy to many, but I'm okay with a little crazy.

When I'm not picking up after the tornado that is my children or doing the oh-so-glamorous chores of laundry, dishes and housework, I love spending time with my husband and our girls, cooking, eating Mexican food, Thai food and donuts, drinking coffee and thrifting around town for treasures, mainly Pyrex.

I also love !!! like they're going out of style. I collect measuring spoons & cups. My phone camera and dslr are my buddies. And sometimes I find a spare minute and blog a little here.

So that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by!